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  • Do you actually serve pints of jam?
    Unfortunately not real jam…. but you could always have a pint of Jam Dunk, our grapefruit and mango IPA made especially for us by Ludlow Brewery.
  • Can I perform at The Jam Factory?
    We have live music every week including an open mic and our fortnightly open jam night which anyone is welcome to come along and join in at. If your band would like to play a gig email us at Check out our full list of upcoming events.
  • Are you dog friendly?
    Yes The Jam Factory is dog friendly!
  • Do you serve food?
    At the moment we’re taking a break from serving food while we build a brand new kitchen in The Jam Factory! Keep your eyes peeled…
  • Is everything at The Jam Factory vegan?
    Yes! Everything that we serve at The Jam Factory is plant based and cruelty free from the beer to the wine to the bar snacks.
  • Do you do cocktails?
    Yes, we write a new cocktail menu every six months so look out for the newest ‘mixtape’. Pssst we also do classics, ask one of the bartenders!

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